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The UHF FM narrow band half-duplex radio data modules are developed to enable
wireless data communication with over 1500m operation range (LOS) in combination with
FSK modem for Korea market.
Any desired frequency in 400MHz band can be set from an external CPU.
By mounting all high frequency circuits in the shielding case, the module withstands
external noise and provides reliable data communication.
   ARIB STD T-67, EN300 220 & Korea standard compliance
   Low voltage operation from 2.5~3.3V(3.0V typical)  
   Ideal for battery with FSK modem  
   Control by SPI bus  
   Data sampling clock from RF module  
   Frequency range : 424 ~ 449 MHz  
   RoHS compliant  
   Remote control system  
   Telemetry system  
   Wireless alarm and security system  
   Keyless entry with acknowledgement  
   Home security, automation & networking  
   Remote metering  
   Environmental control  
   Any bi-directional data communication  
Output power[dBm] 10
Sensitivity[dBm]@1.2kbps -121
Tx current[mA] 35
Rx current[mA] 30
Power down[uA] <1
Size[LxWxH],mm 24 x 24 x 3.0